Bible Studies

The American Religious Town Hall Meeting, Inc. sponsors a 12-lesson Bible course. It is in a narrative format, written from a Christian perspective. The lessons cover the conflict between Jesus and Satan – which at times looked quite grim – and then concludes with the beautiful promise of eternal life with Jesus. The course is intended to be interdenominational in outlook, but with a predominant belief that Jesus is our Savior.

The writer, Mic Thurber, tells a gripping story of a man climbing a cliff who was struck by a rattlesnake. The snake’s fangs became entangled in his wool sweater, and he managed to grab the snake just behind its head. He then lost his balance, and tumbled head over heels down the cliff until-well, the only way you’ll know the rest of the story is to study the Bible lessons!

They are right here on the internet- just click and complete the Bible lessons below in turn. At the end of each lesson is the opportunity to E-mail the answer sheets to us. We will be interested in considering your thoughts on the topic, and sharing our own thoughts with you.

If you prefer a mailed version of the lesson instead of doing them over the internet, you can print them from the computer and send them in or you can write American Religious Town Hall Meeting, Inc., P.O. Box 180118., Dallas, TX 75218, and we’ll send you the first lesson. As you return the answer sheets, we’ll grade them and send them back to you with the next lessons.

God bless you. We are looking forward to having you as a student of our Bible course.